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Warehouse and Factory Lighting


Warehouse and Factory Lighting

Do you need an expert in your next warehouse or factory lighting project? You’ve come to the right place. At Imas Electric INC, we have a team of experts with the skill and experience when it comes to commercial lighting projects. We can use a wide range of LED lighting fixtures to fulfill all your electricity needs.

We install lighting products that are designed and engineered with the latest technology. Expect only superior LED lighting to be installed in your warehouse with the longest life. Once you hire us, be confidence in knowing that our experts come with a combined experience of over 30 years working in the electrical field. We’ll get you just the right lighting products and save you time and money in the process.

Our experts will help you source for quality warehouse and factory lighting products. Having served multiple industries in Toronto, we carry a wealth of experience and understand the lighting needs of different commercial facilities. We know that safety and security are your top concerns when choosing lighting products. That’s why we take time to understand your needs and ensure you purchase the right fixtures for your location and application.

Save Money and The Environment

Want to invest in low-cost lighting solutions? We can help. We have worked with numerous commercial clients in saving their wallet and the environment. Our electricians will help you select energy efficient lighting options that have a longer life and lower maintenance. We are experts in commercial lighting and we want to make sure you have the best products to support your project. Our customers have continued to enjoy high quality lighting fixtures properly installed to last for decades. You can enjoy 50-80% energy savings by consulting our commercial electricians.

Want to ensure your lighting is up to code? Imas Electric INC will follow all the guidelines to ensure your industry or warehouse doesn’t commit any code violations. We will make sure you have proper light levels on all the applicable projects. When we design and install lighting products for your commercial space, know that they follow industry standards and are engineered to last. We provide product selection guidance to ensure you have just the right item for the application. Imas Electric INC offers complete design and engineering services to warehouse and industrial facilities all over Toronto.



Commercial Lighting Designed to Your Specifications

At Imas Electric INC, we design lighting solutions for warehouses and industrial facilities all around Toronto so we are familiar with some of the fundamental needs that these industries share. We know how important it is for your lighting to function well and look good without increasing operating costs. Our experts enjoy customizing lighting solutions for different kinds of businesses. We are reliable and customer-focused. We never rush to get the job done and move on to the next. We always take time to design the project to your specifications and explain the options available. Be rest assured that we’ll install it right the first time. We also offer electrical inspection of your entire building.

How much money is your warehouse or industry wasting on lighting? Every successful business needs to keep its operating costs at a minimum. At Imas Electric INC, we can help you increase light quality and at the same time minimize consumption. We can show you how to upgrade to better lighting products that will instantly generate huge savings. Get in touch with us today and we’ll show you how to save money while making your industry or warehouse a little brighter.

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