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Service Panel Upgrades


Why Upgrade Your Panel?

Your home’s main electrical panel is where the primary power source is distributed to every circuit in the building. Electrical panels perform the crucial role of breaking up power supply down to the branch circuits. There are many reasons to upgrade your main electrical service and panel.

Older electrical panels can be difficult to use with today’s appliances. Some old panels have fuses and hence are not up to code. In fact some insurance companies do not insure a property that has an old panel with fuses. We can upgrade your panel if it doesn’t have available space to add circuits as the power needs in your home or business grow. If you have an old panel that has circuits added to its maximum, it’s time to consider an upgrade. You may also want to upgrade your electrical panel if the current one is of inferior quality or is not functioning as it should. Our electrician will come and inspect your electrical services and panel then recommend the best solution.

Once the electric panel is upgraded, expect to enjoy sufficient power in your home. You can use the current home appliances without having to worry about your electrical system failing. Our technicians will not only upgrade the electric panel but also replace the meter socket, the wiring in between as well as the grounding to ensure the entire system is running smoothly.

Upgrade to a Better Technology

One of the main reasons why we recommend changing the electric panel is to get rid of the outdated and obsolescence technology in the system. If your home was built in the 1950s, there’s a high chance that the electric panel is outdated and needs a major upgrade. Over the years, the panel can get contaminated by water and paint or even be exposed to corrosion which hinders its performance. You may also have a cheap builder grade panel in your building that cannot sustain your growing electricity needs. Imas Electric INC electricians are ready to address any issues you may have with your electric panel.

Electrical projects should never be converted into simple DIY tasks. You should always consult a professional if you notice a problem with your existing panel. At Imas Electric INC, we only use high quality panels and load centers from reputable manufacturers if you ever need a change out or upgrade. We provide warranties for every panel we install in your home or business. You can invest in an electric panel that will last you 30-40 years without experiencing any issues. Since the panel is the heart of your electrical system, we make sure it’s built to last.



Get Rid of Fuse Panels

If you have a fuse panel in your home, it’s time to call an electrician at Imas Electric INC to upgrade it. Fuse panels need to be replaced with a breaker panel system which is more efficient and durable. Fuse panels cannot meet today’s electrical demands in modern homes since the fuses can easily overheat and blow. This increases the potential of a fire. Upgrading the panel to a breaker system will help to reduce the risk of fire and ensure you don’t spend more money replacing blown out fuses.

Your home will be much safer with a fully functional breaker panel installed. Only a qualified electrician can change the panel from a fuse to a breaker system. We will file all the required paperwork before the upgrade and disconnect the power then restore it once the job is complete. Expect the upgrading process to run smoothly with the help of our technicians.

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