Quick Guide to Help Pick the Best Bathroom Lights

In the past, bathroom lighting only relied on a single overhead light. Today, homeowners are interested in modern designs and refined feels. Present day designs go beyond the simple illumination to the extent of creating moods by simply adding lights. However, your choice of lights must not be made without making a few vital considerations. You have to think about size, shape, natural lighting and the overall architectural design of your bathroom. Below are some models of bathroom lights you should consider.

Ceiling light

This is a popular fixture used in bathroom lighting. It offers ambient light and it is normally closed-mounted in order to protect it from water and moisture. You should avoid using the pendant lights because they have exposed bulbs. These can be very risky. You can go for the flush light fittings which come in a wide variety of designs. You will be able to find both traditional and modern designs to choose from. You also have the option of installing the clear or frosted glass.

Pot lights

These are also known as the recessed lights. The best thing about these options is that they offer higher illumination than most lighting options. These lights can also be installed over the shower or the bathtubs. They are normally sealed so you don’t have to worry about the high moisture in the bathroom damaging them. You will have to work with a licensed electrician Toronto when considering the installation of recessed lights in order to achieve great results. This is a requirement by the Electrical Safety Authority.

Pot lights are a great choice not only for the bright illumination but also for the fact that they are available in many styles which include brushed chrome, white, brass and polished chrome finishes. They are also multi directional. This means you can direct them to certain parts of the bathroom so that you get the even lighting that you need.

Wall lights

This is yet another great option you can go with when it comes to lighting. It is preferred for the lamp cover overtop on the light. The cover overtop is available in many colors and can be used to expand ambient possibilities in the bathroom. The unique thing about the wall lights is that they provide a gentle illumination. When combined with the style, they can create a remarkable ambiance that makes your bathroom stand out. It is possible to fit the wall lights to the side or above the mirror. You can also control the illumination using a dimmer. Some homeowners also invest in present systems that help control the illumination automatically.

These are not the only lighting options you have for your bathroom. You can also go for:
·         The mirror lights for an ambient lighting. These are helpful when applying makeup or shaving.
·         Mood lighting which includes tile lights, underwater bath lights and illuminated rails.
·         Nightlight for illuminating the hallway and the bathroom

Your choice of lights will depend on your desired mood. Don’t forget to lower the energy costs using energy efficient lights like the LED bulbs. You must also never ignore the architectural design of your bathroom.



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