How to Make Informed Decisions in Pot Lights Installation

Recessed lights, better known as pot lights in Canada are incredible lights that are installed on the ceilings. These lights are used in both commercial and residential buildings. There are so many light bulbs to choose from. They range from incandescent and halogen lights to LED lamps. You will be able to find the perfect fixture for your unique lighting needs. All in all, you must never rush the upgrade. There are so many things you will have to consider to ensure you make the most educated decision. Here are some of the important things you need to do when getting ready.


Your first option when thinking about the pot lights installation Richmond Hill should be when working on a new construction. You need to plan for the pot lights being placed in the ceiling drywall. This will be a great idea for the acoustic ceiling, suspended ceiling and the drop ceiling. It will be more cost-effective to install these lights along with the new ceiling installation.

However, if the ceiling has already been installed, your next option should be remodeling. This involves cutting holes through the ceiling then pushing in the pot light housing. The sloped ceiling is the best choice for the sloped or vaulted ceiling.

While working on the installations, you need to think of using IC-rated housing for your pot lights. This is more so if the housing will be attached physically to the insulation. All the same, there is no harm in using the non-IC housing if there will be no physical contact. Some of the available options include:
·         Low profile which works great with small heights
·         Airtight which reduces cooling and heating costs
·         277 volt input which is common in the commercial buildings

Choosing the right housing and volt input option will require assistance from a licensed electrician. Don’t make the decisions yourself. Consult the certified electrician who will be handling the installations. You should also ask the electrician for the pros and cons of each option.



These are the visible parts that you see in the pot lights. They are available in innumerable colors, styles, and designs. Make sure that you select the trim that corresponds to the new or existing housing. There are also adjustable trims available which allow you to point the light to the desired location such as the wall or certain artifacts. The reflectors used with these trims are both shiny and smooth so they don’t affect the illumination.

If you want to ornate your house using specific lighting patterns you need to use the glass trims. There are many options available such as the pinhole, shower, wall wash, and baffle.

Size of recessed lights

Pot lights are available in many sizes. The standard sizes range from 2 to 6 inches. You will also find miniature recessed lights but such are used mostly inside bookshelves and cabinets.

The above points will help make an informed choice when planning the installation of pot lights. The rule of thumb is to work with the professionals. Pot lights installation Toronto has to be done by a licensed electrician. This is mandated by the Electrical Safety Authority.



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