What are the Advantages of Pot Lighting?

Pot light is also referred to as recessed light in the US. This is a bright light fixture that is installed inside hollow openings in the ceiling. Once installed, it gives the impression of light shining from a hole in the ceiling. The use of pot lights in industrial and commercial units started back in the 1940s. It was used as a way of maximizing the efficiency of lighting and to make rooms more aesthetically appealing. Shortly after, these lights were being used in retail shops and boutiques.

Today, the use of pot lights has become popular in residential buildings. They are a popular choice because of their unique ability to alter a space dramatically by making it feel more welcoming. The lights are also sought after for their energy efficiency and simplicity. When used in homes, these lights are quite adventurous more so with the lower ceilings and in the basement.

Why work with an expert?

When considering pot lights installation Toronto, it is imperative that you work with a professional. The Electrical Safety Authority mandates that pot lights be evaluated and installed by electricians who are certified. Therefore, when deciding on the person to hire for the installations, it is good to ensure that that person is certified. Once they are installed properly, you can enjoy a number of benefits.

Aesthetic appeal

The first thing you will notice is a significant upgrade in your room’s aesthetic appeal. The pot lights offer a modernized and clean presentation. They will highlight the important areas in your room while offering adequate lighting in the room.

Energy saving

These lights are designed to perform at maximum energy efficiency. The lights are usually manufactured to use low-voltage bulbs. You can also use a dimmer switch so that you can reduce energy consumption when you don’t need too much light in the room. Needless to say, although they use low-voltage, they do offer amplified luminousness of the room. They can be used to light up both large and small rooms.

Optical illusion

With help from a licensed electrician Toronto, you can achieve an optical illusion that makes your room look bigger. This happens when these lights are placed evenly around your ceiling’s perimeter. They can create a pushed back appearance of your room.

Added property value

Aesthetic appeal plays a huge part in determining the value of a home. With the installation of the recessed lights, you will be able to improve the overall value of your home and make selling it easier.

Working with a professional will help you enjoy more benefits. To start with, you will be able to benefit from cleanliness from the work process. This is not something you get from the newbies. If the installation is not finished neatly, evidence of a mess will tarnish the desired impression. A professional will guarantee that the installation is done in an orderly and clean manner.

Imas Electric has an equipped team of professionals and works only with licensed electricians. Don’t forget to take a quick look at our recent projects.



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Don J. Flora
Don J. Flora
16:38 16 Feb 18
Response to my issue was quick and professional. Our service pro was Igor. He was OUTSTANDING! Very knowledgeable, courteous, explained the problem and the solution. His work was neatly done and his cleanup before leaving was topnotch. I will certainly ask for him again if the need arises.
Lucy Zimmerman
Lucy Zimmerman
17:08 15 Jan 18
I've hired Igor to install charging station for my electric car and I'm very satisfied with his job. Everything works properly, there were no issues during installation. Igor was very professional and knowledgeable, he explained every step before he started, so I did not have to worry about anything. Thank you very much!
Johny Carter
Johny Carter
14:05 17 Feb 18
The guy from IMAS Electric was very friendly and helpful as he explained the cause for my electrical problems with my ceiling lights and fan during his repairs. He also educated me about LED lightbulbs and the correct ones to purchase that can help prevent future problems as well as save me money. I would highly recommend him to service any electrical needs.
Vitaliy Tkachuk
Vitaliy Tkachuk
16:35 22 Dec 17
This company had installed LED Lights on my kitchen. Very professional team. Came in time. Installed it very accurate and faster than I expected. I'll recommend Igor to my friends.
Yura Shmid
Yura Shmid
16:11 22 Dec 17
Igor from IMAS helped us with wiring and lightning of our newly renovated living room. We get a great light, which makes our place look so much nicer. Thank you!
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