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Pot Light Installation



Why Pot Lights?

If you are keen on following the latest home designs, you’ll notice pot lights have become a popular feature in contemporary spaces. Pot lights, when properly installed, can make a home look sleek and bring out its unique features. In fact, a simple pot light installation can instantly improve the appeal and value of your property.

Pot lights are best suited in living areas such as kitchens, dining areas and lounge rooms. They can also be strategically installed in bathrooms and outdoor living spaces. In fact, pot lights have even been used in rooms such as basements and attics to bring out a dramatic lighting effect. The idea is to choose the ideal lighting fixtures that complement the rest of the room and ensure they are properly installed.

Pot lights will ensure that any furniture or centerpiece that you have in a room remains the focal point. They are a very low-profile form of lighting that can suit any style of home. What’s even better is that they are installed into the ceiling which means moving tall furniture across the room won’t be a headache.

Choose Imas Electric INC For Pot Light Installation

We recommend this type of lighting in low-ceiling rooms where the regular lights don’t suit. Furthermore, pot lights can be used in commercial spaces to give a very professional and uniform look. We can install pot lights in your hallways and adjust it just to fit the needs of the room. For instance, if you don’t want the light to shine down exactly where it is installed, we can simply make the necessary adjustments to ensure the room is properly lit. We have even used pot lights in rooms with other forms of lighting to get rid of the unattractive shadows that normally appear when there are other fixtures installed.

Having the correct contractor to install pot lights in your home is very critical. First, electrical work must never be left in the hands of inexperienced users. Secondly, some pot lights are complex and require skill and expertise to function properly and last longer. At Imas Electric INC, we specialize in pot lights installation. With our team of qualified electricians, all your lighting needs will be met and possibly exceeded. Our electricians are experienced and specialized in installing all types of pot lights. Whether you need to improve the ambience of your dining area or you have a new construction that requires pot lights, we are happy to help.



Get the Best LED Lighting Solutions


The LED lighting that will be installed in your commercial building is chosen based on our experience while taking into account your unique needs. We also consider the location of the light bulbs as well as the type of wiring required for the lighting systems to work effectively. If you have incandescent bulbs and would like to switch to LED lighting solutions, our technicians and electricians are ready to help.

If you are looking for energy efficient, reliable and durable lighting solutions for your commercial building, we would recommend installing LED bulbs. While switching to LED lighting may require a significant investment, you will end up enjoying low cost lighting since they are more cost efficient to use. LED bulbs are designed to produce much less heat. They come in different styles, colors and can fit any budget. With this form of lighting, businesses can get brighter light without the excess heat. This lighting system is also designed to last for many years so you won’t have to constantly change bulbs once it’s installed. If you would like to know more about commercial LED lighting, talk to our expert technicians today. We offer electrical design and consultation services to all our commercial clients. Imas Electric INC will create a lighting system that works well and can be easily expanded to cater to your growing business. We will carefully plan out a design that meets your usage, building layout and budgetary constraints.
Before we begin designing lighting solutions for your commercial building, schedule a free consultation today.

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Don J. Flora
Don J. Flora
16:38 16 Feb 18
Response to my issue was quick and professional. Our service pro was Igor. He was OUTSTANDING! Very knowledgeable, courteous, explained the problem and the solution. His work was neatly done and his cleanup before leaving was topnotch. I will certainly ask for him again if the need arises.
Lucy Zimmerman
Lucy Zimmerman
17:08 15 Jan 18
I've hired Igor to install charging station for my electric car and I'm very satisfied with his job. Everything works properly, there were no issues during installation. Igor was very professional and knowledgeable, he explained every step before he started, so I did not have to worry about anything. Thank you very much!
Johny Carter
Johny Carter
14:05 17 Feb 18
The guy from IMAS Electric was very friendly and helpful as he explained the cause for my electrical problems with my ceiling lights and fan during his repairs. He also educated me about LED lightbulbs and the correct ones to purchase that can help prevent future problems as well as save me money. I would highly recommend him to service any electrical needs.
Vitaliy Tkachuk
Vitaliy Tkachuk
16:35 22 Dec 17
This company had installed LED Lights on my kitchen. Very professional team. Came in time. Installed it very accurate and faster than I expected. I'll recommend Igor to my friends.
Yura Shmid
Yura Shmid
16:11 22 Dec 17
Igor from IMAS helped us with wiring and lightning of our newly renovated living room. We get a great light, which makes our place look so much nicer. Thank you!
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