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Need a professional electrician’s services? You’ve come to the right place. Imas Electric INC has knowledgeable and honest electricians ready to handle small and large projects. We offer a wide range of electrician services from fixing your broken-down appliances to replacing electrical outlets and everything in between. All our electricians are fully licensed and insured to serve the whole of Toronto area.

At Imas Electric INC, our electricians are trained to remain friendly and professional when on the job. We really value customer satisfaction and place it as our number one priority. We put your safety and needs before anything else. We’ll give every electrical job 100% plus take good care of you as the customer. If you are renovating your home on your own, don’t be tempted to handle any electrical issues alone. Leave this to an expert. Imas Electric INC electrical contractors will show up on short notice when you have emergency electrical issues that need to be resolved. Our skilled electrical experts will offer a guaranteed exceptional service at very affordable rates.

Maintain Safety and Quality Electrical Systems

Electricity is a very powerful resource that you should always leave to the experts. Whether your home appliance has suddenly failed or you need some wiring done during a renovation, never be tempted to look into the issue alone. Sometimes electrical problems develop due to poor installation. It’s important to hire an experienced electrician who will analyze the current situation and save you money by offering genuine repairs. Components like circuits and appliances may start failing due to age. Because they involve some form of electricity, any repair or replacement work should be done by a certified electrician. Call us to check your wiring routinely especially if you experience issues such as shocks and blown out fuses every other day.

Having a good electrician by your side can protect you from fire hazards and injuries. At Imas Electric INC, we ensure all work is done by a qualified expert who values your safety and protection. We will offer you quality electrical services done by experts you can trust.



Why hire our electricians?

We Offer Competitive Rates

When you come to us with an electrical issue, we promise to provide a fair, honest and reasonable quote. We are very transparent in pricing because we understand that our services may be needed when you least expect it. Trust the team at Imas Electric INC to always give you a reliable quote.

We are licensed, insured and bonded electricians

Our company consists of certified electricians who possess adequate liability insurance to perform their job. We have a valid ESA license which is proof of our credibility and dependable service. When you hire any of our electricians, be rest assured of professional and certified work.

Years of experience in electrical work

To get timely and accurate diagnosis of electrical issues, you need to work with a technician with a wealth of experience. That’s what we offer at Imas Electric INC. We have worked in numerous homes and businesses in Toronto offering different kinds of electrical work. We offer an unparalleled service and we are fully dedicated to meet all the electrical needs of our clients.

Happy clients

How was your first experience hiring an electrician? If you’ve ever had an unpleasant experience with an electrical contractor, we are here to provide a service with a difference. Our main focus is to keep all our clients happy. Many of the customers we receive are referrals because our clients loved the exceptional service we provide.

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