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IMAS Electric Inc. is a Toronto based company that is focused on offering electrical solutions to the GTA residents. We provide professional, affordable and high-quality electrical solutions for both residential and commercial needs. When it comes to the installation of new electric outlets, electrical panels, or any electrical appliance with complex electrical wiring like electric vehicle charging solutions, IMAS has the skills. We are a group of professional electricians, highly qualified with years of experience to handle both small and large-scale electrical projects and get the job done right the first time.

Leasing or buying an electric vehicle require electrical power as an alternative fuel source. But most houses and workplaces do not have the ideal systems that can be used for charging of these vehicles. Therefore, you need to have an EV ChargePoint installed at places of your convenience and in this case, this would be your home and/or workplace.

We offer a selection of the most advanced fully featured both residential and commercial charging systems available for all EV makes and models: Tesla, BMW, Toyota, Hyundai, etc. Our electric vehicle charging station installation package includes full equipment and site inspection to ensure the installation will be done in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications, electrical system upgrades to accommodate the EVSE, installation, equipment function verification and we also provide clients with complete EVSE information


Apartments and Condos

When it comes to multi-dwellings, sustainability is the key to attract new residents, and providing residents with EV charging is a top priority. At IMAS, we offer EV charging solutions to both upcoming and existing developments. We install multiple charging stations by use of the available power and by increasing a property’s charging capacity.

Cities and Towns

Most cities and towns are embracing the provision of charging points as a social public amenity. Town councils and city councils are setting up charging points. When we are assigned such contracts, we make sure we set up charging points where people can access them easily and without congestions.

Commercial Real Estate

Attract new and retain tenants by having smart EV charging as a premium amenity. With IMAS installations, we don’t only offer EV charging but also smart EV charging installations that will make your property the number one choice for tenants.

Education Institutions

The staff at education institutions need to charge their electric vehicles. Motivate your staff by taking this stress away from them. Parking lots of education institutions need charging systems and IMAS installs only the best.

Entertainment and Stadiums

If you are an entertainment company or run stadiums, let IMAS install charging stations and more fans will flock to the stadiums. Others will pay for a game just to charge their vehicles and this way you attract and retain more audience.

Federal and State Agencies

As an agent that is committed to achieving sustainability, encourage your employees to be involved in the agency initiatives by offering EV charging stations at the workplace. Also, improve your agency image by encouraging green life through reduction of fuel emissions. This is only achieved through encouraging EV usage.


Simplify the management of fleet operations with EV charging solutions for electric vehicles. With IMAS installed systems, we make sure that you reduce the overall operating expense. Wherever your fleet vehicles need to charge, IMAS has a solution to meet the fueling needs.

Healthcare Institutions

With IMAS EV charging installation systems at your institution, we can assure you of open networked EV charge stations that will help solve your staff’s and clients’ EV problems. More clients will come for your services without worrying about car charge, and staff will always be motivated to work without stress.


If you own a hotel or a recreational facility, it is common sense that more customers will be attracted to hang out at your facility if you have EV systems installed. Someone will just come and have some burger or hang on a cup of coffee just to charge their vehicles.

Parking Operators

You could change your parking lot into a prime parking-charging lot. By offering networked EV charging installed by IMAS, you could attract more residents and visitors, and they still will be willing to pay more for the parking if it has charging services. This improves your revenues.


EV drivers always tend to choose their destinations based on the availability of EV charging. They have a habit of stopping at these destinations to charge their cars as they take care of their businesses.


Recent research showed that the number of EV drivers increased after IMAS started offering workplace charging. This enables employees to commute using their EVs hence achieving employee satisfaction that consequently improves productivity.



Residential Electric Vehicle Chargers Installations Toronto


Despite the growing purchase and lease of EVs, most homes in Toronto are still not equipped with electric vehicle charging systems. Worse still, most are not equipped to handle the kind of power volumes required of the latest car models. If you have a similar problem at your home, the good news is that IMAS Inc. in Toronto has got you covered. We offer a professional and affordable EV charging system installation that will enable you to charge your vehicle fast and also make sure that your car battery retains the charge for a longer period giving you a great and convenient service with your EV.

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