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The wiring in your home or commercial building is the most critical component of the electrical system. If there’s a problem with the electrical wiring, the rest of the system is significantly affected. That’s why common issues such as flickering lights and blown out fuses signify a faulty wiring. At Imas Electric INC, we offer wiring and rewiring services to our residential and commercial clients in Toronto.

Electrical wiring is not just complex but also extremely dangerous. While you may be tempted to perform your own repairs and replacements, bear in mind that an electrical system should never be tampered with by an inexperienced person. If you lack professional training, it’s always important to call on an electrician if you experience issues or suspect that your wiring has a problem.

Imas Electric INC has electricians you can trust to offer a quality wiring and rewiring service. We know how your home or place of business depends on wiring to function effectively. Without proper wiring, your electrical outlets, switches and appliances will not function. Our job is to offer a complete analysis of the wiring situation in your building. We will only recommend repairs that are necessary. If you need to make updates or replace the entire wiring in order to secure the building, we have a capable team to perform this job. We are your Toronto electrical wiring contractors.

We Offer Quality Wiring Repairs

Wiring repairs need to be done by an electrician with skill and expertise in this particular task. When you come to us with your wiring problems, you get in touch with a technician who has handled similar issues for other clients. Since wiring is often located in walls and ceilings, it can be extremely difficult to work with. Our experienced electricians know that every step in the repair process counts. We know how critical wiring is to your home’s safety. That’s why we never take any chances when it comes to wiring and rewiring projects.

Did you know that the number one cause of fires in homes and commercial buildings is faulty electrical wiring? As a building owner, you need to watch out for the common signs of wiring problems and contact a professional immediately. When you take too long to repair the wiring, you leave a huge hazard inside your building.



Signs That Your Wiring Needs To Be Upgraded

Among the signs of electrical wiring problems to look out for include:

  • A circuit breaker that trips frequently and turns off automatically
  • Frequently flickering and dimming lights
  • Lamp buzzes when you turn on
  • Shocks, vibrations and buzzing when you turn on an electrical appliance
  • The electrical outlets become too hot to touch
  • Strange odor of burning plastic or vinyl caused by an electrical wiring that has heated up and burnt overtime.

If you notice any of the signs above of electrical wiring problems in your home and need help, just give us a call. We specialize in rewiring and wiring in residential buildings and we’ll be happy to help.

Electrical wiring and rewiring are complicated and time-intensive processes. To make the most of your time and money, it’s important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable team for the job. Imas Electric INC electricians will get the job done correctly the first time. We only use the most durable products during wiring to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity. We’ve served customers all over Toronto and we stand behind our work.

Call Imas Electric INC today for a reliable wiring service and excellent workmanship.

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