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Commercial LED Lighting


Commercial LED Lighting

Lighting is key in large commercial buildings and the industrial sector. With proper lighting, businesses can significantly cut down on operational costs. State of the art technology has paved way for energy efficient lighting systems that can be installed in commercial buildings to lower the cost of lighting. Additionally, businesses need to invest in proper lighting in order to enhance visual conditions and consequently improve worker’s productivity and operating safety.

Installing proper lighting systems in your commercial building will help ensure you meet all legislative regulations. Whether you want to upgrade your lighting to improve productivity by getting rid of dimly lit areas or you simply want the building to be up to code, Imas Electric INC can help. We have installed commercial lighting for many years. We will help you to explore the current systems and choose one that is most suitable for your situation.

We Cater to All Commercial Lighting Needs

From warehouses to restaurants, office workstations and apartments, Imas Electric INC has served all kinds of commercial customers. We know that every business is unique in its own right therefore we offer lighting solutions on case by case basis. While LED is not new, there has been major advancements in technology in this light source offering business owners multiple fixtures that use less energy with the ability to last longer than the incandescent bulbs.

At Imas Electric INC, we are experts in LED lighting for commercial buildings. We know how to get the job done professionally and on time. All our technicians have been trained to advice clients on the best lighting solutions for their property. Once we arrive at your commercial building, we take a quick look to determine the best areas for LED lighting. We can install LED bulbs in a variety of strength and colors, depending on the mood and level of light required in the room. Some LED bulbs are designed to emit a white glow that is warm and welcoming. We would recommend this for public areas such as the reception.



Get the Best LED Lighting Solutions

The LED lighting that will be installed in your commercial building is chosen based on our experience while taking into account your unique needs. We also consider the location of the light bulbs as well as the type of wiring required for the lighting systems to work effectively. If you have incandescent bulbs and would like to switch to LED lighting solutions, our technicians and electricians are ready to help.

If you are looking for energy efficient, reliable and durable lighting solutions for your commercial building, we would recommend installing LED bulbs. While switching to LED lighting may require a significant investment, you will end up enjoying low cost lighting since they are more cost efficient to use. LED bulbs are designed to produce much less heat. They come in different styles, colors and can fit any budget. With this form of lighting, businesses can get brighter light without the excess heat. This lighting system is also designed to last for many years so you won’t have to constantly change bulbs once it’s installed. If you would like to know more about commercial LED lighting, talk to our expert technicians today. We offer electrical design and consultation services to all our commercial clients. Imas Electric INC will create a lighting system that works well and can be easily expanded to cater to your growing business. We will carefully plan out a design that meets your usage, building layout and budgetary constraints.
Before we begin designing lighting solutions for your commercial building, schedule a free consultation today.

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