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Commercial Electrician


Commercial Electrician

As a business owner, we know you probably have plenty of setbacks to deal with on a daily basis. The last thing you want is to have an unreliable electrical component or system in your commercial building. Don’t let a broken down electrical appliance or an electrical fire hazard stop you from running your business. Hire Imas Electric INC if you need better lighting, electrical repairs or upgrades in your building. We can perform all safety measures to prevent your equipment from further damage. All electrical systems installed by our experts are safe and will improve the overall look of your business.

Imas Electric INC has a team of electricians who are experts at repairing, altering and installing electrical systems. Our electricians utilize the latest technology and advancements in the field to offer a superior service. We only have licensed and insured experts in our team. You can be rest assured of a quick and professional service when you hire us. Whether you need lighting systems to be installed in your restaurant, office, apartment, industry or warehouse, Imas Electric INC is ready to come to your rescue.

Fulfill Your Commercial Lighting Needs

At Imas Electric INC, we know how important lighting is in setting the ambience for your business. That’s why we strive to ensure the design, supply and installation of commercial lighting suits your needs. Whether you need bright light in certain areas for security purposes or to upgrade to a more energy efficient alternative, our experts can help. We will help you prevent the risk of workplace injuries by working on those dimly lit areas in your building. Our electricians can install perimeter lighting to scare away intruders. We can help you select the best outdoor lighting for your building to deter criminals and draw attention to your business.

Sometimes all our client needs is a ballast replacement to prevent the bulbs from burning out at an alarming rate. Our electricians can also install decorative lighting if you need to display your business as a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere. We have experience in designing and installing recessed lighting, high and low bay lighting as well as high intensity discharge bulbs for our commercial clients. At Imas Electric INC, we can handle all the electrical work in construction and renovation projects. This includes planning, designing, installing and maintaining efficient lighting in the building. Keep your business safe and lively by hiring Imas Electric INC to design, troubleshoot and maintain the electrical systems you already have.



Why Hire Our Commercial Electricians?

  • We are a full service electrical contractor
  • We offer emergency services
  • We offer transparent pricing
  • Complete, affordable and reliable electrical services

No Job upgrades for Commercial Buildings: Failing to perform the much-needed electrical upgrades can result in work interruptions. To avoid electrical failures, surges or even fires, call us to perform installation or upgrade your current systems.

Panels: We can upgrade your electrical panel to ensure it is able to accommodate the current electricity being supplied in the building.

Switchgears: We will ensure that this costly component is properly protected to keep your building safe at all times.

Transformers: Do you have the right size and model of transformer installed in your building? At Imas Electric INC, we will ensure that your transformer is up and running. We can also upgrade circuits, generators and capacitors to ensure they offer optimal performance for your commercial building.

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